News about NewSOC ” Milestone 8 reached”

Tuesday 16 May 23

Short stack with 25% improved current and ASR vs. SoA, SOEC

During the NewSOC project, several of the improved concepts were integrated into commercial cells and stacks. The specific milestone was achieved by cells with a SolydEra half-cell, where UNISA deposited a thin CGO barrier layer through room temperature sputtering (down to 300 nm), developed in NewSOC, and a screen printed oxygen electrode. The cells were integrated into a SlydEra short stack together with state-of-the-art SolydEra standard cells as reference.

The NewSOC cells within the stack reached milestone M8:

  • 25% improved ASR at 650 oC compared to SolydEra standard cells and
A low degradation rate <1%/1000 h in a 3000 h test

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18 JUNE 2024