We are returning to physical meetings: Workshop at Corfu

Tuesday 21 Jun 22
NewSOC Workshop on concepts generation

The “5th International Workshop on Degradation Issues of Fuel Cells and Electrolysers” was a physical event after many months of virtual, scientific exchange. It featured bot high and low temperature technologies. The NewSOC project was contributing to the organization and even more with workshop attendance. More than half of the contributors / participants were from the NewSOC consortium. That was not a coincidence. In conjunction with the degradation workshop, NewSOC held a project internal workshop about integration of developments into industrial platforms.

During the mixed physical/virtual event, all partners presented their developments and status of integration into cells and/or stacks. We are in an exciting period, where industry is more open than ever – it seems – to collaborate and to make their half-cells or electrolytes, etc. available for improved components like electrodes, barrier layers, etc. We succeeded to pair the partners with one or more industries for concepts integrations. The coming weeks will be very busy with this undertaking and we will hopefully succeed with validating the research achievements also in a more industrial environment.

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27 NOVEMBER 2022