News about NewSOC ” Milestone 6 reached”

Tuesday 16 May 23

Sixth milestone reached: 25% Cheaper cell


The cell price should be in the range of 10€/cell, decreasing up to 5€/cell regarding the industrial partners requirements gathered at the beginning of the project. To reach this objective, the barrier layer should represent ca. 10% of the cell cost. Thinner - and thus cheaper - efficient barrier layers were reached by means of room temperature sputtering and atomic layer deposition. For example, 300 nm of sputtered CGO barrier is still able to block species inter diffusion and avoid insulating species formation, such as Sr-zirconate and La-zirconate. This would lead to a barrier layer cost of ~2.5€/cell. Further cost reduction would rely in increasing the number of cells produced simultaneously, that was set to 8 in the cost estimation.


Concept XI: Thin film atomic layer deposition barrier layers

Concept XII: Thin film room temperature sputtering barrier layer.

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15 JULY 2024