News about NewSOC ” Milestone 5 reached”

Tuesday 16 May 23

Fifth milestone reached: Cell with improved cycling stability


The milestone was reached for cells with fuel electrodes based on LSFNT (lanthanum strontium iron nickel titanate) backbones, infiltrated Ni/CGO integrated into a metal supported cell configuration.

The cycling test was carried out between fuel cell (SOFC) and electrolysis (SOEC) mode at 650 oC and 0.25 vs. -0.25 A/cm2 in a 50/50 hydrogen/steam gas mixture to the fuel electrode. During ca. 300 hours of testing and 10 reversible cycles, the cell with the LSFNT fuel electrode showed lower degradation rates as compared to the state-of-the-art cell with a Ni/YSZ fuel electrode.


Concept IV: Infiltrated, doped titanate backbone fuel electrode

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15 JULY 2024