News about NewSOC ” Milestone 4 reached”

Tuesday 16 May 23

Fourth milestone reached: 25% Reduction of toxic materials


The NewSOC project succeeded with three concepts to reduce toxic and critical raw materials: (1) cobalt-free oxygen electrodes based on lanthanum strontium ferrite, (2) partial substitution of cobalt in protective coatings for interconnects, and (3) removal of toxic solvents during sealant deposition. Through those developments, actually between ca. 80 to 100% of toxic and critical raw materials were avoided for the specific components (oxygen electrode, interconnect coating, sealant deposition).


Concept VI: Patterned electrode/electrolyte interface for Co-free oxygen electrode

Concept IX: Protective coating through inkjet printing

Concept X: Ceramic coatings with innovative interface concepts.

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15 JULY 2024