Solid oxide technologies (SOC: Solid oxide fuel cells SOFC & Solid oxide electrolysis SOE, reversible fuel cell- electrolysis revSOC):

  • Are key enabling technologies for energy systems based on renewable sources.
  • Allow for a strong interlinking of sectors electricity, heat, and gas/fuels.
  • Can emerge as key players in many concepts, such as fuel/gas to power & heat, power to X, utilization & upgrading of biogas, balancing of intermittent electricity.

The NewSOC goal has been to significantly improving performance, durability, and cost competitiveness of SOC.

NewSOC targets have been

  • 25% Performance increase
  • 25% Increase of cycling stability
  • 25% Reduction of cell manufacturing costs, and
  • 25% Reduction of toxic materials

NewSOC concepts

NewSOC main achievements

Beyond NewSOC
18 JUNE 2024