NewSOC has generated 17 scientific papers, which are all available below in green or gold open access.

3D printing the next generation of enhanced solid oxide fuel and electrolysis cells, A. Pesce, A. Hornés, M. Núñez, A. Morata, M. Torrell, A. Tarancón, J. Mater. Chem. A 8, pp.16926, 2020. 

A multiscale model validated on local current measurements for understanding the solid oxide cells performances, E. Da Rosa Silva, G. Sassone, M. Prioux, M. Hubert, B. Morel and J. Laurencin, J. Power Sources 556, pp. 232499, 2023. Green Open Access link.

An elementary kinetic model for the LSCF and LSCF-CGO electrodes of solid oxide cells: Impact of operating conditions and degradation on the electrode response, E. Effori, J. Laurencin, E. Da Rosa Silva, M. Hubert, T. David, M. Petitjean, G. Geneste, L. Dessemond, E. Siebert,  J. Electrochem. Soc. 168, pp. 044520, 2021. Green Open Access link.

Effect of steam to carbon dioxide ratio on the performance of a solid oxide cell for H2O/CO2 co-electrolysis, N. Bimpiri, A. Konstantinidou, D. Tsiplakides, S. Balomenou, and K.M. Papazisi, Nanomaterials 13 (2), pp. 299, 2023.

Effect of the PH2O/PCO2 and PH2 on the intrinsic electro-catalytic interactions and the CO production pathway on Ni/GDC during Solid Oxide H2O/CO2 co-electrolysis, E. Ioannidou, M. Chavani, S. G. Neophytides and D. K. Niakolas, J. Catal. 404, pp. 174-186, 2021. A part of this study was performed in the framework of the SElySOs project.

Electrical characterization of glass-ceramic sealant-metallic interconnect joined samples under solid oxide electrolysis cell conditions; influence on the microstructure and composition at the different polarized interfaces, H. Javed, K. Herbrig, A. Gianfranco Sabato, D. Ferrero, M. Santarelli, C. Walter and F. Smeacetto, Ceram. Int. 47,  pp. 8184, 2021.

Electrode kinetics of porous Ni-3YSZ cermet operated in fuel cell and electrolysis modes for solid oxide cell application, F. Monaco, E. Effori, M. Hubert, E. Siebert, B. Morel, E. Djurado, D. Montinaro and J. Laurencin, Electrochim. Acta 389, pp. 138765, 2021. Green Open Access link. A part of this study was performed in the framework of the AD Astra project.

Hole polarons in LaFeO3 and La1−xSrxFeO3−δ: Stability, trapping, mobility, effect of Sr concentration, and oxygen vacancies, C. Hartmann, J. Laurencin and G. Geneste. Phys. Rev. B 107, pp. 024104, 2023. Green Open Access link.

Large area deposition by radio frequency sputtering of Gd0.1Ce0.9O1.95 buffer layers in solid oxide fuel cells: Structural, morphological and electrochemical investigation, N. Coppola, P. Polverino, G. Carapella, R. Ciancio, P. Rajak, D. Montinaro. F. Martinelli, L. Maritato, and C. Pianese, Materials 14, pp.5826, 2021.

Large area solid oxide fuel cells with room temperature sputtered barrier layers: The role of the layer thickness and uniformity in the enhancement of the electrochemical performances and durability, N. Coppola, H. Sami Ur Rehman, G. Carapella, P. Polverino b, D. Montinaro, F. Martinelli, V. Granata, A. Galdi, L. Maritato and C. Pianese, Int. J. Hydrog. Energy, 2023.

Low temperature performance and durability of solid oxide fuel cells with titanate based fuel electrodes using reformate fuel, J.O. Christensen, B.R. Sudireddy and A. Hagen, J. Electrochem. Soc. 170, pp. 024515, 2023.

Novel SrO-containing glass-ceramic sealants for solid oxide electrolysis cells (SOEC): design and characterization in relevant conditions, H. Javed, E. Zanchi, D. Ferrero, M. Santarelli, F. Smeacetto, Materials 15, 2022.

Printability of carboxymethyl cellulose/glass-containing inks for robocasting deposition in reversible solid oxide cell applications, S. Lamnini, F. Baino, G. Montalbano, H. Javed, F. Smeacetto, Mater. Lett. 318, pp. 132239, 2022.

The promoting effect of Fe on Ni/GDC for the Solid Oxide H2O Electrolysis, Ch. Neofytidis, E. Ioannidou, M. Kollia, S.G. Neophytides and D.K. Niakolas, Int. J. Energy Res. 44, pp. 10982, 2020. A part of this study was performed in the framework of the SElySOs project.

Torsional behaviour of glass-joined, laser-processed Crofer 22 APU interconnect: unravelling the effect of surface roughness on the shear strength, F. Smeacetto, E. Zanchi, D. Meena Narayana Menon, D. Janner, S. Lamnini, M. Salvo, S. De La Pierre, H. Javed and M. Ferraris, Ceram. Int. 48, pp. 32837-32843, 2022.

Transition metals in Ni/GDC for the reversible solid oxide cell operation: Optimization of the Mo-Au-Ni synergy and further enhancement via substitution of Mo with Fe, F. Zaravelis, L. Sygellou, A. Soyvalioti and D.K. Niakolas, Electrochim. Acta 453, pp. 142343, 2023. Green Open Access link.

Understanding the Ni migration in solid oxide cell: A coupled experimental and modeling approach, L. Rorato, Y. Shang, S. Yang, M. Hubert, K. Couturier, L. Zhang, J. Vulliet, M. Chen, J. Laurencin, J. Electrochem. Soc. 170, pp. 034504, 2023. Green Open Access link.
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